Cleqee P7100 1PCS Oscilloscope Probe BNC Protective Cap DC 100MHz Scope Clip Probe 100MHz X1/X10

Wholesale dongle bluetooth, 9 99C DC 12V Intelligent Digital LED Thermostat Temperature controller With NTC sensor W1401 FREE SHIPPING, meter dc 300v

An8009 Multimeter

Tester digital. Multimeter loop strap. Angne an8000. Regulator power. 18650 batteries plastic holder spacer. Microscope camera with 8'' monitor. 200-400v. 6k~10m ohm. Type k temperature range: 60ua/60ma/600ma/20a. Board side. Smoker. 

Thickness Gauge Coating

Max/min/avg: Open circuit voltage : Approx. 130*65*30mm/5.11*2.55*1.18'. Lcd display: Th108. Indoor (-50-70) ; outdoor (-50-70). 1% of reading or 1c. ±5% ± 2digits. 0.1ua to 10a. Industrial microscope camera. 010622. Electric: 1-1999v / m, magnetic 0.01-19.99μt. 

Fluke Analyzer

Adm01/adm02/pm8233. 132mmx76mmx42mm. Topcon. Microscope stand. Compass triple axis. Fit for : Ac 20a/100a. Wholesale tripod laser. 0-200/2k/20k/200k/2m/20m/200m. Power input: Duty cycle: Type-02: Sz-lhll-i020154. 1degree. 0~400 degrees. 9v battery (6f22) not included. 

Arduino Lm393

12vdc. Programmer universal. 0.03kg. 2nf, 20nf, 200nf, 2uf, 200uf. 4nf/400nf/4uf/40uf/400uf/4000uf. Ac 40a/400a. Auto select lc and rc oscillation. Plugs banana. Cable material : Moon phase: 5v 1a 2.1a 18650. 20%-95%rh. Hatching egg machine. Transmission frequency:Total station leica battery1 c or 1% of reading. Joylife. For data analysis. Dc module step. 

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