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Bird Gold Pendant

3333317127. Hexagonal. Loose sequins. 3mm star sequins. 35color. Gold and black. Blue,yellow. 6mm flat sequins. Spring summer sun hat. Red color 5#. 019006010. Nuolux. 3mm ab transparent orange. 6mm cup silver color. Use 3: 15*19mm there petal flower. Bag witch. Metallic tops. 1box/lot. 

Sequine Design

3*14mm sequins. Gold color sequins. Transparent coffee. B09893Sequin kids bags. Small square blue. 4mm flat zebra stripe sequins. Gold/ silver. 9*13mm flat. Bright sequin. Use5: Clothes,dress,hats. 

Berry Bag

Wholesale giraffe. Sequins cat tailMixed size3-8mm. Wholesale bag anchor. B70486. Sequin shell shape. Item type: Ayomis. Heart star plum circel round eyes it a girl and so on. 5mm flat square. Glitter  nail. About 17mm. Skulls apparel. Sequin. Fashion : 

Sequins And Spangles

Large round sequin. Single breasted. Yard waste bags. Flower sequin beads. Lucky sewing. Nail accessories big. Keuek. Pvc green dress. 20mm snowman. Cp1416. 6*8mm shell mix yellow pink. Bag shape butterfly. 5mm snowflake ab fuchsia. 

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