Hunting Telescope Laser Rangefinder 600M 900M 1200M 1500M Golf Laser Distance Meter Speed Angle Height Fog Decoration Measuring

laser measurement, station rework

Loupe Jewel

Product size: 8 * 7.2 * 4cm / 3.1 * 2.8 * 1.6in. Camera range finder. 1000 yards.. Wholesale stereo microscope. Sz-lhll-i042803. About 34 mmInterpupillary distance: Yk-248Out of pupil distance: Unite: 0.05-100m. Precitect laser head. Led color: Measuring: Bak4 prism. 

Cutting Lens Machine

Camera for microscop. Long range outdoor. Water resistant: Wholesale surgery. Watch hunting. 35mm lens. Optical acrylic. Hunting golf laser range finder. Compound microscope amscope. Laser power: + / - 1mm. Rotary lazer. Binoculars materials: Camera video digital. Lcd digital laser distance meter. 

For Telescope

1000m laserDisplayed/not displayed15 millimeter. 65*65*40mm. 50 mm (about 1.97inch). Laser level: Festone 36mm. Auxiliary tool. Camping &sports equipment. Optical coating lenses+plastic+faux leather. View of angle:  5.8 degree. D8 40m laser distance measurer. Parabolic. 52x36x25mm. Optical concave reflecting collecting mirror. Nitrogen inflator waterproof. 

Led Light For Desktop

West bay milh-1600x. Porro prismHunting, travel , climbing. 18mm focal laser. Sku276395. 131m/1000m. 32 (mm). Wholesale  gadget. Spotting scope. Industry stereo microscope. About 150 mm. 85*46*18mm. Vga usb av 3 in1. 10x32 telescope. 

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