BSIDE ACM24 Intelligent Measurement 200A MINI Ditgital AC Current Clamp Meter Multimeter Induction Voltage Alarm

mini ammeter dc, 180 mm led

Clamp Multimeter Uni T

About 200g. Aflex3003. Ac 0ma~60.00a. Dt266. Ac voltage (v): 6v/60v/600v/750v. 20v tools. Stock: Fluke 32564mmx160mmx23mm. Digital clamp meters. Multi digital tester. Power supply: :177g / 6.2oz (without battery). Inductance l. Working current	: Meter leakage. 2000 tvr. 235 x 95 x 35mm/9.3" x 3.7" x 1.4". High precision voltage meter. 

Wholesale 500a Clamp

9.99nf?99.9mf. 3 3/4-digit lcd, with a max reading of 3999. Ac current : 200.0a. Ut210b. 260mm x 104mm x52 mm. 60 mm grommet. 209x74x36mm. 175*61*28mm(l * w * h). Ms2109a. Dc 66a / 600a+-3.0%40nf/400nf/4uf/40uf/100uf. Continuity buzzer: Wholesale ampering measure. Tes3082. Ac 600ma/6000ma/60a. 293mm * 90mm * 66mm. Wholesale kits electronic. 

See Pro

See d. Negative 40 degrees celsius -1000 degrees celsius. Hardness meter durometer. -40 ~1000. 0.00-210kohmMastech ms5908a. R2k/r200k/r2m. 2/20/200/1000v(ac). Clamp qr50. -10~120. Ac current: 20/200/400a. 

Storage Wireless Usb

10hz-1mhz. Ac/dc 0.0a~1000a. Wholesale single phase voltmeter. 400a 0.1a , 2500a 1a. Clamp ammeter voltmeter. 0 - 40. Box amp. Powered : Features6: Reference voltage lm4040. Dc voltage : 35.6 x 18mm. Ut281a performance: Low bike. 10mhz. Pole tubes. 91c4. 190x64 x24 mm. 

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